"Earth is memory; for almost five billion years, it all down, the ride of the continents, opening its oceans, mood climates, the extravagance of its living beings in its stones, in its airs, in its cells, in its molecules, all the records have been meticulously made ; this is what we called signatures. In this exhibition, Art and Science are reading together this huge memory and realise that all the stories of the Earth are the most beautiful stories of the World. Yves Coppens

Exhibitions of  Memory of Earth

Slideshow of memory of Earth at Art and Liberty's gallery
may-june 2011

Slideshow of memory of Earth at Art at the  Préhistoric Museum La Sabline-Lussac-les-Chateaux
june-september 2013

Slideshow of memory of Earth  at  Chapelle Saint-Lyphard Chapel
Festival Artec  la Ferté-Bernard
may 2014

Dialogue with the earth from
Catherine Michelet

Fibonacci Relations  from Patrick Desche-Zizine