Dominique Gais

Affiliated to" la Maison des artistes" After working in the studios of TV sets for two years, Dominique Gais following training on sham to IPEDEC. Visual artist since 1986, she has conducted numerous murals for public places and individuals, while riding together on projects with other artists.

Work orders, painted canvas, trompe-l'oeil and murals for :

Work orders, painted canvas, trompe l'oeil and murals for:
Universal McCann, Initiative Media, Public-system, Score, Coryphe, Digital Equipment, Slumberger, BRED Headquarters and formation center of Paris, Euro Dysney, Château La Faurie-Perraguey, Bel-Air Château Le Fayel, Golf Villarceaux , Rothschild Hospital, Fontainebleau Hospital, Mayor of Grand-Lucé (Sartre), Chantilly Equestrian Museum, Gallery Point Show - Champs Elysees, Bercy Expo Gallery
Hotels :  Louvre Montana, Elysee Regencia, Deux Rives, Great Men, the Pantheon Hall, Cervantes, Raspail, Intercontinental-Opera, Regina (Boulogne), Hotel Conte Di Cabrera (Sicily)

Event and communication :

Stage design at La Cigale - Paris concert closing day of the Francophonie
Private party for the Bains-Douches decor (Paris) Sub Zero
Creating accessories for the movie Alpha Blondy Sweet Fanta Diallo- EMI Pathe Marconi
Decorations for French television for emissions : Mediations, Yesterday and today, Wednesday-me-everything,
Disc cover for the album Hey you! of Youssou N'dour - EMI Virgin-Music
Décor pour soirée privée aux Bains-Douches (Paris) Sub Zéro

Solo exhibitions :

2013 4th Biennial of Contemporary Art in Mortagne au Perche - 61,400
         Exhibition of paintings : Earth Mémory  in Prehistoric Museum La Sabline-Lussac-les-Chateaux-86 320
2012 Art in situ  painted-photos : "Outside the walls"  - on the walls of  Paris 13th (Chinatown)
          "Outside the walls" exposure to "The Gallery" - Paris 75013
2011 Exhibition of paintings: Earth Memory in  Art and Liberty's Gallery - Charenton-le-pont 94270
         Exhibition of paintings : Earth Memory - Montignac- Dordogne-24290
2009 Exhibition of painted-photos : The Mayor of the Palace - Brittany 56 360
          Exhibition of painted-photos  : Main Market of Contemporary Art - Paris 75012
2008 Exhibition of painted-photos at "The Gallery" - Paris 75013
          Exhibition of paintings: XXII Meeting of Painters St-Céneri Le Gérei-Normandy - 61 250
2007 Exhibition of painted-photos : The Mayor of Le Palais- Brittany - 56 360
         Artist in résidence at St Céneri-le-Gérei Normandy -61 2500
         Participation in the twenty-first Meeting of Painters St-Céneri-Le-Gérei( Normandy- 61 250
         Photo Exhibition of painted-photos : Old Mill Arts Gallery - Worton, Devizes, Wiltshire (uk)
2006 Exhibition of paintings: Et pourtant elle tourne  - S Gallery - 56360
         Exhibition of paintings : Et pourtant elle tourne La Coulisse Gallery- Brittany
2005 Collective exhibition: Roots memory - Senate, Orangerie - Paris 75006
          Exhibition of paintings: Et pourtant elle tourne (and  yet it moves) - Selam Art Gallery - Paris 75003

Expositions With the le collective 13-en-vue, partner of Nuit Blanche in Paris 75 013

2005 Invasion of colors - Art in situ - France Avenue Paris 75013
2006 Mosaic- Swimming- pool of the Butte au cailles Paris 75013
2007 National Movements -Garden Furniture Paris 75013
2008 Utopian Constructions -Swiming- Pool of the Butte aux Cailles Paris 75013
Nuit Blanche 2009: Projection on the walls of the 13th Mayor Paris 75013 

Press realeases :

VSD, New Look, Nouvel Observateur, Télérama, Maison&Travaux, Ouest-France, Le Télégraphe, La Gazette du Palais, Orne-Hebdo, Paris Capitale, Le Parisien, l'Évènement du Jeudi