Dominique Gais, painter in Paris

Between painting, painted-photo and photo-painting

Through the world of trompe l'oeil and mural painting, Dominique Gais is installed into a form of play, where the spectator has doubt of what he sees, and wonders about the nature of the object it looks. The riddle is central in her approach.

The infinite variations of nature are the support of her creation, she uses these elements by changing their context. Her paintings, and her "photo-paintings" describe a dreamed reality, expressive, trying to show the abstraction of nature.
Alexandra Paget-Deben

Critique dans Le souffle créatif

L'homme de bois, l'homme de pierre
Dominique is an artist who strives to compose her paintings with a pictorial quality that is equalled only by her attachment to representing complex textures. In this series, her paintings are organized around a concept where
an image is first affixed to her canvas. She then undertakes a painting process that allows her to make the difference between the image and the painted surface disappear. According to her works and with hindsight, one
has this sensation of observing landscapes and the next moment one sees something completely different. The gaze comes to play tricks on us and looks for familiar forms to cling to a more concrete, tangible subject. An
atypical artistic approach and a long term vision of painting for this artist who is above all committed to the path of expression before thinking about the commercial path. In short, a rare and passionate artist.
Antoine Titus